Art by Sarah McCourt
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  1. Acrylic Painting, abstract, ocean, blue, modern, relaxing
    Abstract Ocean
    30" x 40" Acrylic $800
  2. Oil Painting, photo-realistic, California, stream, river rocks, reflections
    Reflections in a Stream
    12" x 16" Oil $1000
  3. Acrylic painting, Monsanto, evil, gmo, non-gmo, controversial, organic
    14" x 28" Acrylic $450
  4. Oil painting, plein air painting, Los Angeles, nocturne painting, night, iconic
    Parking Attendant
  5. Acrylic, ocean, palm trees, California, beach, sunset,
    California Palms
    30" x 40" Acrylic $800
  6. Oil Painting, Ocean, blue, water, rocks, calming, wave, spash
    Lover's Point
    12" x 12" Oil $650
  7. Calla lilly, painting, acrylic, reflection, elegant, photo-realistic,
    Calla Lilly Reflection
    12" x 30" Acrylic $450
  8. oil, painting, ocean, California, beach, pier, shadow, reflection, sunset, plein air painting
    Under the Pier
    4" x 4" Oil $50
  9. Acrylic, painting, ocean, sea turtle, blue, water, plastic, pollution, earth,
    Save the Oceans
    12" x 16" Acrylic $650
  10. Oil painting, driftwood, beach, oregon, california, sand, shadow
    Beach Driftwood
    36" x 48" Oil $3500
  11. Acrylic painting, sunset, dusk, farm, clouds, Oregon, California,
    Farm at Dusk
    22" x 28" Acrylic $750
  12. Oil painting, plein air painting, sushi, restaurant, Los Angeles, sushi chef, nocturne, night painting
    Reservations Required
    8" x 8" Oil $250
  13. oil, painting, ocean, California, beach, pier, shadow, sunset, beach
    Lead the Way
    4" x 6" Oil $50
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